April 19, 2020

April 24, 2020

I divide my time between the shop and my house, so I haven’t seen a lot of masks “in the wild,” so to speak. I imagine if I did I’d see some pretty incredible patterns, based on what’s going out our door. I have a friend whose business has been asked by the post office to make masks for them. If you would like to earn some money sewing these simple masks please reply to this email with your name and phone # and I will pass it on to Angela.
We’ve received a lot of requests for collegiate fabrics, so I’m sharing images of some of the fabrics we have. In addition to KU, K-State & WSU fabrics, we also have some sweet fabrics for nurses and health professionals.
As we’ve said the past few weeks, besides fabric for masks, our kits are the easiest inventory for us to ship. So if you find yourself with idle hands, we have some great deals for you, with our “Last Chance. Last Kits. Lowest Price.” sale. The name says it all. If you see a kit you want, reply to this email with your phone # and I will get back to you on Monday.
It wouldn’t be Sunday if I didn’t have a notion. Today’s featured product will be helpful for those of you ironing your way to sanity these days.
And finally, my daughter has been working hard making our Facebook page pretty, and also helping me get a website up and running where you can shop from home. I hope you check it out when it's ready.
Remember, I’m at the store from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and am offering $5 shipping and curbside pickup.
Stay safe.