ABC Sprinkle Modern Embroidery Sampler - Dropcloth Samplers


I first got started embroidering with Rebecca Ringquist's Dropcloth Samplers, and I was IMMEDIATELY hooked! Rebecca's samplers are a lot like coloring books for embroidery...choose the threads, stitches, and colors, and create your own work of art! You can make them as simple or as creative as you choose.

While the ABC Sprinkle is a larger piece, measuring 9" by 11", it only requires one stitch, the running stitch. It's perfect for a beginner who wants a fun project but prefers to choose their own colors.

The sampler arrives preprinted on cotton quilting fabric, ready to stitch and includes basic instructions. You provide your own threads, needles, and hoop. I recommend using a backing fabric as well.

We are also offering an add-on kit with everything you need to stitch the sampler that includes 7 skeins of floss, in rainbow colors, an 8” Frank Edmonds Embroidery Hoop, two needles, floss bobbins and ring, and backing fabric.

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